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Pre-litigation and Mediation Specialists

Pre-litigation and Mediation Specialists

APS-UK Ltd is a small business who are client geared to provide a personal service, whether for individuals or businesses. Our aim is to provide a stepping stone between the initial dispute to proceeding to litigation. Our role is to provide pre-litigation, problem facilitation, professional ‘McKenzie friend‘ services.

We listen to the issues our clients have, take that information and carefully view and analyse the options available. From those options we produce a compliant case which can be presented to lawyers on our client’s behalf, thereby saving our client time and money in lawyer’s fees.

Our role is to provide informal mediation, to be involved in the formal mediation process or to direct cases to selected lawyers who have an extensive knowledge of litigation in which to help bring your case to a satisfactory completion.

We work closely with both clients and lawyers to provide you an understanding of the process at every step of the way.

The topics that we cover most commonly are issues relating to: construction, landlord and tenant issues, leasehold law, management companies of leasehold estates, landlords of leasehold estates. However, we also look at all cases, regardless of the area or field of law, where we provide assistance, both practically and compassionately towards our clients.

Our aim is to provide a stepping stone between clients and lawyers, and as such our costs are much lower than a lawyer at the early outset of any case. We can provide an interim service to take your matter forward, which reduces the initial legal costs incurred in all cases, making your time with the solicitors practical and more efficient.

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